Content Syndication – How To Easily Increase Your Reach For Free

Content Syndication. You hear all the “gurus” out there talk about it all the time, but never really mention how they going about doing it. It’s commonly referred to as one of the more important aspects of actually getting your site to rank, yet no one seems willing to share the areas that they actually use for content syndication. Add that to the fact that there are a ton of companies out there trying to sell you syndication platforms for thousands (and in some cases 10’s of thousands) of dollars, and this commonly becomes something that business owners simply give up on.

We’re going to dive into our favorite platforms that we syndicate content for free, and we’ll touch on a few other things you can look into for your particular niche. By the end of this article you’ll hopefully have a handful of different platforms & partners that you can reach out to in order to share your content & build backlinks.

Lead With Value

One major thing I want to mention before we get started is that in order to be successful with many of these platforms & partners you need to lead with value. Make it a no-brainer for someone to use your content on their site. If you need to give them a few articles for free before you finally get a link, so be it (they should still at least mention you though). Despite what many people seem to think, no one owes you anything. If you have 5 competitors offering a better value than you are you’re not going to win, and there aren’t participation trophies in this game.

I can’t even count the number of times that someone got mad at me and went on a rant because I “won’t help the little guy” and “only want to help big brands”. Being the little guy has absolutely nothing to do with it. The reason the big brands got to be big brands is because they found a way to add so much value for people that they became huge. If they ever stop adding that value, they’re going to quickly become a “little guy” or go out of business altogether.

Long story short, if someone tells you “no” don’t just sit there and feel sorry for yourself. Go to work and figure out what went wrong so that you can land it the next time. Always be working to catch the guy/gal in front of you, because you better believe someone is trying to catch you. While I’m only talking about content syndication in this article, this section applies to anything in life.

Now that I got that out of the way, lets move on to the good stuff…

Our Favorite Areas For Free Content Syndication

Social Media

Figured I’d lead with the easiest one here. Social media is by far the easiest place to reach out to for content syndication. You likely own your own social media page or pages, so make sure to get your well written content out there to your followers. If it goes well you’ll be rewarded in the search engines. Major SEO & content companies like SEM Rush & Moz have figured out that more social media likes & shares equal more page authority on your post. So make sure you’re sharing your best content on your social media. This includes whatever is relevant in your niche:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • StumbleUpon
  • Reddit
  • YouTube

You get the idea. The list could go on and on. The biggest thing is simply to determine which social media channels are the most relevant to your niche & capitalizing on them. Not only will you get more exposure on those specific channels, but Google will love you for it too!


Medium is essentially a blogging platform on a separate domain, meaning you can get the word out for free on someone else’s platform. Just create a highlight or teaser articlewith a link pointed back at your site, and you’re in business.

Niche Specific Forums

I’m going to lead off here and tell you not to be that person that spams all the forums out there and ruins them for everyone. When it comes to forums, you really need to go back to that “lead with value” point that I opened the article with. Find forums with existing posts relevant to your topic, reply with some insight, and then link to an article that will genuinely help those people in that thread with whatever they are there for.

Some forums aren’t going to allow you to post links, and that’s okay too. You can still be helpful and direct people back to your site. There are very few forum moderators out there that are going to delete your reply if you are giving their readers/visitors a ton of value.

Guest Posting

If you are an expert on a particular subject you have a great opportunity to share that value with other sites out there. Simply run a search for “[Insert Your Niche/Topic] Websites That Allow Guest Posts” or something similar, and run down the list of potential suiters. Reach out to those sites while leading with a tremendous amount of value, and if possible include links to a few other articles you’ve written or contributed to.

You won’t get everyone to say yes, but you can potentially get a few people that are up for using your content. If it is relevant and interesting to them and their readers, they’d be foolish to say no.

Ego Bait

This is going to seem completely backwards at first, but if you do it right this can be a massive win. An example of this would be if you write an article titled “Top 5 Orthodontists In Illinois”. You can call around to different orthodontists to get an idea of who would be genuinely excited about landing one of those spots, then feature them on the article. Be sure to mention what stood out about them that made you pick them.

Once you roll out the article, feature it everywhere & make sure to let the people know that they made the list. If you have the resources to make them a badge to post on their site, even better. Send them an email about “best practices” for how to capitalize on their little award, and make sure to include linking back to the article as one of those items. Next thing you know you’re going to have all sorts of traffic heading to your site. Just be sure you optimize that specific article for directing readers to other relevant parts of your site as well.

That’s All Folks!

By now you’ve probably realized that content syndication isn’t necessarily easy, but it is effective if done correctly. Follow my point about leading with an insane amount of value up front, and you are sure to have some successful days in front of you. One last point I’ll leave you with is to make sure that you’re not getting discouraged if you aren’t seeing immediate results. SEO tactics almost never show an immediate return, but they can give you a major boost in the long run.

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