SEO For WordPress – Getting Your Blog Right The First Time

Any marketing blog you read is going to have conflicting opinions on SEO for wordpress blogs. Some are going to say that SEO is dead, while others are going to say that it’s the only way you’re ever going to make any money. The truth lies somewhere in the middle. We aren’t going to dig into Google’s Penguin update or any of the super technical details, but we will touch on easy things that you can do to give yourself a better chance of earning yourself some organic traffic. It’s not really any more difficult than writing the blog article to begin with. You just have to actually pay attention to certain details to make sure you’re getting them right.

SEO For WordPress – The Rundown

Pick A Keyword (Or Phrase)

The very first thing you need to do when you’re writing a blog article is to pick a keyword that you want to target. You wouldn’t start writing an article without picking a topic would you? Well that same mindset should apply when it comes to deciding on a specific keyword or phrase. This is obviously going to be related to the topic you’re writing about, but picking a specific keyword is going to actually be a little more involved.

Be sure to check out our article regarding keyword research if you’re unsure of exactly how to go about it. A website that really knocks it out of the park when it comes to SEO for wordpress blogs has almost definitely done their homework with keyword research.

Think of it like cooking a gourmet meal, where your article is the meal & your keyword research is a major ingredient. If this ingredient is poor quality or missing entirely you’re going to end up having a meal that no one enjoys. The same goes for your blog articles. Choose a good keyword or phrase, and you’ve got a significantly better chance at a great article that has people coming back for more!

Download Yoast SEO for WordPress

Seriously, do it. If you’re not an absolute expert in SEO then this isn’t even remotely optional. We’ve got the plugin installed on this very website, optimizing for the keyword/phrase ” SEO for WordPress “. Yoast SEO for WordPress does an incredible job simplifying the process of getting your article done right the first time around.

You aren’t going to get all “greens” every single time you write an article, but you certainly can get close. The better you do within your content for a particular keyword or phrase according to Yoast’s recommendations, the better off you’re going to be.

Note: There is a premium Yoast SEO for WordPress which is also very helpful, but not always necessary. I personally use it on my blog “outposts” that I run for Alpha Dog Nutrition, but after using it for a while I feel like I’ve learned enough to get by without it.

Build Links Between Your Content

Linking between your content is huge. Not only does Google’s search engine like that you do it (within reason, of course), you also generally keep people on your site longer since they’ll click between content that you’ve provided links to. There isn’t much else to say about this one, other than the fact that it is super easy to do. If you don’t have any related content to link to from the post you’re writing, it is probably a good indicator that you’re too far outside your target niche anyways.

Link to Content Outside Your Site

This might seem a little backwards (don’t we want to keep traffic ON our sites?!) but it’s generally a good idea. People that visit your page and read your content will appreciate pointing out other authorities in the space, and google’s search engine also recognizes it. This is another one to do within reason, but also allows you to link to other people’s content & comment on it to make yourself look like more of an authority.

Syndicate Your Content

I can’t stress this enough. If you’re working on SEO for wordpress blogs, you need to be syndicating your content & getting it out there. We go into how to go about doing this in a different article [click here to view our list of our favorite places to syndicate content], but needless to say if you’re studying SEO you likely need to get the word out about your business. Syndication is a great way to do that!

Build Those Backlinks!

This is just as important as any other step, but I want to throw some advice out there – don’t be spammy. Places like forums & commenting on articles are great places to show your expertise, but make sure you’re adding actual value to the community & not simply copying & pasting the same comment to a ton of different sites. Google will end up taking notice of this & penalizing you.

But back to the important stuff – building quality backlinks. This is how you both drive some traffic to your site and also build up the “domain authority” of your site. From what I know this isn’t an actual metric developed by Google, but rather it’s an indicator from services like Moz & SEM Rush on how much of an authority google will view you as.

To simplify it a bit, if you have a high Domain Authority you will naturally have a tendency to rank higher for keywords – assuming you’ve done a good job on everything else!

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